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73). We are all busy talking about and using the Internet. But how many of us know the history of the Internet?

     At first the Internet was only used by the government . _____But in the early_____s , universities, hospitals and banks are allowed to use it , too__ However, computers were still very expensive and the Internet was difficult to use. By the start of the 1990s, computers became cheaper and easier to use. Scientists had also developed software that made “surfing” the Internet more convenient.

    ____Today it is easy to use the Internet and sending e-mail is more and more popular among students.

      The Internet has now become one of the most important parts of people’s life.





1.我们都在忙于谈论和使用互联网。 2.但是在20世纪70年代初,大学,医院和银行也被允许使用网络。 3.现在很容易使用互联网,而且发送电子邮件在学生中越来越流行。 【解析】 ...

Dear daughter,

   You are a wonderful person and your mother and I love you. It will not be long before you leave home to make your way in the world. Can I please give you some friendly advice? Here are some things that you should never do.

  1). Never Look Down Upon Yourself.

   You are great and able to achieve great things so believe in yourself. When things go badly, never stop believing. Some girls get upset and lose confidence. And then all kinds of problems can follow.

  2). Never Get Upset With Your Looks.

  We think you look great . Please be happy with the person you are and the body you have. Eat well, take exercise and be healthy. Some girls become upset because they try to lose weight or get the perfect shape. You look fine.

  3). Never spend money more than your income (收入) .

  Never spend money more than your income and save a little every month. Don’t borrow other’s money if possible.

  4). Never Give Less Than Your Best.

   We are very proud of what you have succeeded so far. You should be proud too. Keep doing well. Keep trying your hardest at everything you do. No one can ask for more than that.

  5). Never Forget That Your Parents Love You.

   Whatever happens in life, your family will still be your family. Whatever difficulties you have, you can always talk to us and we will try to help. We are here for you.



1.From the letter, we can know the daughter will _________soon.

A. leave school    B. go to college    C. go to another city    D. face lots of difficulties

2.According to the father, some girls become upset because they __________.

A. aren’t healthy enough    B. don’t make enough money

C. don’t have good jobs    D. try to have the perfect shape

3.When someone gets upset and loses confidence, _________________.

A. nobody will love him    B. he can’t get good income

C. all problems will follow him    D. his parents won’t believe in him anymore

4.The father thinks his daughter has been a _____________person.

A. happy    B. successful    C. perfect    D. hard-working

5.The father writes this letter to his daughter in order to tell her_____________.

A. that her parents love her    B. what she should never do

C. how she can become successful    D. that her parents will always help her


Day and night across China, groups of middle-aged retirees, mostly women, gather together to dance in open space, like squares and parks. They are known as “guang chang wu da ma”. Their love for square dancing has made them a national phenomenon. 

However, some people don’t think highly of it. Their music is too loud, and they take up too much public space. Besides, they even dance at improper (not proper) places--- such as the square in front of the Louvre in Paris, where Chinese tourists broke into a dance last year. 

Even so, the dancers are growing in number and style. Li Dong,46, is a pioneer in this field. “In addition to keeping fit, square dancing has become so popular because older people who are free from work and from raising children want to be connected with one another. But I think that square dancing has a deeper meaning.” 

By teaching herself different dances, such as Latin, Tango and Cha-cha, Li adds variety (花样) to square dancing. “Although we are old, we are curious and want to try different dance style,” she said,” because square dancing has attracted(吸引)so much attention, I want to take it seriously.” 

As for people’s objection(反对),Li says her team has taken the suggestion of turning down the volume(音量)and dancing at proper sites.” We are not a trouble at all.”

1.Why does the writer mention Chinese tourists broke into a dance in front of the Louvre in Paris?

A. Because their music was too loud .    B. Because they weren’t dancing at a proper place.

C. Because they took up too much space.    D. Because they wanted to show their dancing to others.

2.Which of the following is NOT the reason why older people love square dancing?

A. It can help them keep healthy.    B. They want to communicate with one another.

C. They are free from work and raising children.    D. They want to attract people’s attention.

3.As for people’s objection, Li has _____

A. taught herself different dances like Latin, etc.    B. danced better than before.

C. put on beautiful dresses.    D. tried to make less noise and choose proper sites.

4.Which words can be used to describe Li Dong?

A. Curious and creative(有创造性的).    B. Helpful and careful.

C. Kind and funny.    D. Patient and active.

5.This passage most probably comes from?

A. A story book    B. A science magazine    C. A newspaper    D. A text book


For ten weeks, in a great house on the island of St Thomas , John C. Lilly tried to teach a six-year-old dolphin to speak English. Margaret Howe, an experiment (试验) helper, would live day and night with Peter, a dolphin. And they would eat, bathe(洗澡), sleep and play together from Sunday to Friday, with only Saturdays off for Margaret. She lived her 1ife in swimming clothes -- with a coat on colder evenings --- and cut her hair short so that she could get on with Peter more easily.

   After a few days, Peter was becoming more and more interested in winning her attentions. He threw a ball against her shower towel to get her to play. As time went by, he only wanted to play ball with her and not on his own.

   The problem was that, just at the time Peter and Margaret began to get on well just as two best friends, the experiment ended and the lab was closed. After a few weeks, Margaret received the sad news that Peter had killed himse1f by refusing to breathe, and sinking to the bottom of his pool.

   Dolphins may not speak English --- but, just like humans, they know all about broken hearts.

1.Peter is the name of________

A. a doctor    B. dolphin    C. a scientist    D. an experiment helper

2.Margaret worked days_____a week during the experiment .

A. four    B. five    C. six    D. seven

3.To live with the dolphin, Margaret couldn't _______.

A. cut her hair short    B. have a common life-like others

C. wear swimming c1othes    D. eat, bathe and play together with him

4.The ending of the story was that _________ .

A. Margaret didn't leave the lab    B. the lab was closed and the dolphin died

C. the dolphin could speak English at last    D. Dr John C. Lilly was satisfied with the experiment

5.From this passage, we can learn that __________.

A. dolphins aren't worth studying    B. dolphins can't be humans' good friends

C. dolphins can't communicate with humans    D. dolphins may have feelings just like humans


The Silk Road is the name of different roads that long ago connected Europe, Africa and Asia. People reached these different places along these roads. Scientists believe people began to travel the Silk Road about 3000 years ago. By the time the Chinese silk trade became important in the world, the Silk Road covered almost 6500 kilometers. It spread from Rome to China, which is from the West to the Far East.

Traders travelling along the Silk Road carried silk, of course. They also carried and traded spices(香料),cloth, valuable stones and gold.

There is a famous old story along the old road. It is said that Roman soldiers(士兵)travelled through central Asia. They started to live somewhere near the ancient Chinese village of Liqian. Some of these Romans married local Chinese women and the story of blue-eyed villages of China was started.

During its busiest period, the Silk Road allowed people from many different cultures and countries to meet each other and mix. The Silk Road allowed the sharing of valuable goods and new ideas. These included people and trading goods from the Mediterranean, Persian, Magyar, Armenian, Bactrian, Indian and Chinese areas. All these peoples travelled the Silk Road, and they shared goods, stories, languages, and cultures.

In modern times, the old Silk Road routes(路线)are still used, but now they are crossed by trains instead of camels and horses. There is even a Silk Route Museum in Jiuquan in China. It has over 35,000 objects from all along the Silk Road. In this way, China protects the history of many countries and peoples.

1.How many kilometers did the Silk Road cover?

A. About 3000.    B. Nearly 6500.    C. Almost 2000    D. Over 35,000

2.Traders carried all kinds of goods along the Silk Road. Which of the following is not mentioned in the passage?

A. Silk    B. Cloth.    C. Gold.    D. Tea.

3.Who married ancient Chinese women in the story of blue-eyed villages of China?

A. Asian soldiers.    B. African soldiers.    C. European soldiers.    D. American soldiers.

4.What can we infer(推断)from the passage?

A. Valuable things could not be sold along the Silk Road.

B. The Silk Road allowed people from different countries to mix.

C. Ancient Chinese along the Slik Road may be able to speak different languages.

D. The objects in the museum in Jiuquan in China are from all along the Silk Road.

5.Which part of a magazine can this passage come from?

A. History and Geography.    B. Sports World.    C. Man and Animals.    D. Popular Science.