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The Power of a Name

My full name is Lily Myunghi M. When my parents gave me this name, they created an important part of my identity that will be part of me forever.

My first name, Lily, was inspired by a story my mom heard a long time ago. Some people wanted to get rid of their tiger lilies, so they dug a deep, deep hole and threw the tiger lily plants in. For years, they felt they had succeeded in killing the lilies. But one spring, strong, green stocks rose to the surface. My mom named me Lily because she hoped for a beautiful daughter, who would also be strong and resilient, just like those orange blossomed lily plants.

My middle name is Myunghi. My mom, who is of Korean heritage, wanted to honor our Asian roots. The middle name means "clear-eyed girl" in Korean. My parents chose it because they believe life is difficult, and they hoped being "clear-eyed" would help me find my way in the world.

However, in English, Myunghi loses its beautiful meaning. It becomes the hesitation on people's faces as they stumble over its mere two syllables(音节). It becomes the surprised expressions of classmates who have never heard a name anything like it before It becomes a blushing(脸红的)little girl, embarrassed by her own name, a name that her parents put so much thought into.

When I was younger, I hid my middle name, pre tending it didn't exist. Looking back, I pity the girl who was too ashamed to reveal her full name to anyone.

My grandparents were raised in Korea, where parents take great care choosing a name with a meaning that will help their child through life. My grandparents were born into the Japanese Occupation of Korea and assigned Japanese names, which stripped(剥夺) away their cultural identities bit by bit.

I've grown to love and appreciate my name. I no longer hide my name, but instead, proudly announce it, since my grandparents could not. I accept this special part of my identity that was chosen especially for me.

My full name is Lily Myunghi M. It paints a magnificent picture of unconditional love, hope, and heritage coming together to form a girl. And that girl, is me.

1.We can know from the story that tiger lilies

A. are strong plants

B. are green stocks

C. have white blossoms

D. grow in deep holes

2.Why did the author try to hide her middle name when she was younger?

A. She was ashamed of her Asian roots.

B. She felt awkward about her unusual name.

C. She felt it difficult to pronounce the name.

D. She was too shy to fit in with her classmates.

3.What does the author intend to tell us?

A. A good name brings a bright future.

B. Her name helps to keep her identity.

C. She appreciates the love from her parents.

D. Parents often pick an unusual name for the child.


1.A 2.B 3.B 【解析】 本文是一篇说明文,文章中作者详细介绍了自己名字的来历及意义,还讲述了年轻时对自己名字的感受,这个名字“Lily Myunghi M”给了她与众...

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1.According to the passage, who might get unadvertised discounts of Royal Carribbean?

A. Senior editors.

B. Royal members.

C. Airline employees.

D. Local cruise-goers.

2.The main purpose of the passage is to____.

A. advertise a cruise app

B. present the advantages of a cruise

C. inform people of what to do on a cruise

D. offer tips on saving money for a cruise trip

3.The passage is most probably taken from a ______.

A. sailing blog

B. science journal

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D. finance magazine


I love old people. Two of my best Mends are eighty-nine. I never understood it,______ for some reason I’ve always been ______ to older people much more than children. I have such fond ______ of sitting with my grandfather before he died. We used to ______ him once a week, talk to each other for an hour or so, and then I leave. At the ______ of a very good friend, I started going to see him ______ my own. I value that I was able to hear his stories and ______ mine. When I announced that I made a decision against our custom and my family was giving me a ______ time, the words of my grandfather helped to ______ me through. He said, “I don’t know why you’re doing this, but I ______ you.” That’s really all I needed to hear.

Later on, I ______ in a hospital and in a number of retirement communities. I have seen it all. When you get old, you get real. Everything is ______ — roles, the health of the body, memory, the people you love, your home. Whatever we want to hold tightly, whatever we think we are …it all ______ goes. What are we left with? This is the basic question that old age invites us to ______.

Once a famous poet said, “Go gently into that good night.” I say it depends on ______ or not you want to suffer. You can be angry at the dying of the light, but nature is going to take its ______. Can you stop a river from flowing? Can you hold back a baby when it is ready to be born? The more we allow ourselves to ______ into the changes that are happening the ______ the journey will be.

These are ______ that anyone, at any age, can benefit from. I so ______ them now, and only wish I had known them earlier.

1.A. but    B. or    C. thus    D. and

2.A. referred    B. stuck    C. opposed    D. drawn

3.A. gestures    B. memories    C. sayings    D. tastes

4.A. ask    B. help    C. phone    D. visit

5.A. suggestion    B. order    C. description    D. cost

6.A. on    B. by    C. of    D. in

7.A. write    B. publish    C. share    D. explain

8.A. hard    B. sincere    C. happy    D. simple

9.A. push    B. pull    C. see    D. break

10.A. remind    B. defend    C. support    D. demand

11.A. played    B. worked    C. studied    D. graduated

12.A. taken out    B. taken away    C. taken on    D. taken in

13.A. personally    B. fluently    C. honestly    D. finally

14.A. consider    B. suggest    C. suppose    D. determine

15.A. whether    B. what    C. how    D. that

16.A. seat    B. chance    C. place    D. course

17.A. relax    B. worry    C. run    D. look

18.A. farther    B. easier    C. stricter    D. fairer

19.A. lessons    B. exercises    C. judgments    D. applications

20.A. ignore    B. appreciate    C. remember    D. affect