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It is not until he returned to his hometown ______ the great changes that had happened.

A. did he find    B. that he found

C. that did he find    D. found he that


Donald Trump made a _____ to the nation that he would struggle for lower taxes and improve health care after taking office.

A. contribution    B. commitment

C. devotion    D. donation


______ Jack Ma has stepped down as chairman of Alibaba, he still remains on its board of directors.

A. Since    B. Before

C. While    D. Until


When you’ve got through the gate of opportunity, don’t get it shut behind yourself, and give others the same chance that_______ you succeed.

A. helped    B. is helping

C. had helped    D. will help


In the eyes of a policeman, it’s usually dangerous to get close to the_______ criminal. He may do anything he would to escape.

A. sensitive    B. conscious

C. primitive    D. desperate




1. 英语与汉语学习有区别;

2. 学好汉语的建议;

3. 你的祝愿。

注意:1. 词数 100 左右;

2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。

Dear Mary,



Li Hua



The way of Chinese people’s life has been changed through the China’s “New Four Great Inventions”. What are “New Four Great Inventions”They are High-speed rail, Shared bike, Online shopping and AliPay.

What did the China’s “New Four Great Inventions” bring to us

High-speed rail—Modern transportation makes everybody neighbors. The invention of the high-speed railway makes it easy to thousands of miles a day. Today China’s rail transit technology is the best, the China’s daily average of 4, 000 trains, sending about 4.6 million passengers.

Shared bike—Short walks become more convenient and faster, and carbon missions are reduced, which is friendly to the environment. You can download the APP about shared bikes, pay some money, then you can use bicycles everywhere in the street. The Chinese shared bicycle programs have been becoming more and more popular.

Online shopping—Don’t need to go out to find the needs for living. Online shopping, as the name implies, is to pay money online. Purchases(购买物) can be sent home. China has 751 million internet users, 724 million mobile phone users; total transactions (销售额) on November 11 and December 12 hit a record high every year. Online shopping lets Chinese internet users enjoy “shopping carnival” every day.

Alipay—A software which can replace cash payment. With intelligence phones’ popularization, AliPay has become an indispensable (不可或缺的) APP. Through scanning the “QR code”, AliPay wants to realize the ambition of “replacing cash payments” gradually. On 11 November 2018, both the mobile payment account and the transaction reached 213.5 billion.

There is no doubt that China has already used its own power of “New Four Great Inventions” to become the great powerful technological country, showing the power of China once again.




The world’s longest cross-sea bridge — Hongkong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge(HZMB) opened on October 24, 2018. The Guardian described it as one of the seven 1. (wonder) of the modern world. The HZMB, 2. links Hongkong and Macao to the Chinese mainland city of Zhuhai, began in 2009 and cost about 120 billion yuan. It’s designed 3. (have) a service life of 120 years, 20 years longer than most bridges. And it’s not only a bridge, but also part tunnel and part island.

In one section, the bridge turns into a 6.7km undersea tunnel that 4. (pass) through two man-made islands. The tunnel is 5. world’s longest undersea tunnel for road traffic, allowing large ships to continue passing through the sea area above the tunnel. The bridge’s engineers had to take many environmental factors 6. consideration in order to protect the surrounding environment while 7. (build) the bridge. Chinese white dolphins, an 8. (endanger) species living in this area, were a particular concern. The HZMB will make 9. much more convenient to shorten the travel time from HongKong to Zhuhai from four hours to about 45 minutes.

By drawing local cities and religions closer together, the bridge will aid the area’s development 10.(great). It is expected to drive the economic development of Hongkong, Macao and nine Guangdong cities.


It was 12:45 p.m. on January 2, 2007. Fifty-year-old Wesley Autrey was ______ the train at a subway station in New York. His two daughters, aged four and six, were with him.

____, a sick man fell on the platform (站台). The man, 20-year-old Cameron Hollopeter, got up, but then ______ again — this time, onto the track between the two rails. A ______ was coming into the station. It was a(n) ______ moment. But Mr. Autrey wasn’t afraid. He ______the man, and he looked at the ______ that the man was in. It was about half a meter deep. And he_____, “The train is going to travel over this man. ______ he tries to get up, the train will _____him. But if he lies on the ground and doesn’t ______, he’ll be OK.” So he knew he had to ______. And there was no time to think carefully.

He ______. Mr. Autrey lay on top of Mr. Hollopeter and kept him down on the ground. The train driver ______ them. He was afraid, but he couldn’t ______ in time. Five subway cars traveled over the two men before the train stopped.

The people on the platform were ______. When Mr. Autrey heard them screaming (尖叫), he shouted, “We’re OK down here, but I have two daughters up there. Let them ______ their father’s OK.” People on the platform clapped and ______. They were amazed at Mr. Autrey’s ______. Subway workers helped the two men out. They had no serious injuries.

Mr. Autrey said, “I didn’t do anything special. I just saw someone who needed ______. I did what I thought was right.”

1.A. waiting for    B. getting on    C. sitting on    D. getting off

2.A. Luckily    B. Suddenly    C. Quietly    D. Finally

3.A. climbed    B. fell    C. ran    D. walked

4.A. train    B. car    C. bus    D. coach

5.A. historic    B. exciting    C. right    D. frightening

6.A. pointed at    B. glared at    C. looked after    D. looked at

7.A. hole    B. station    C. space    D. seat

8.A. heard    B. thought    C. shouted    D. suggested

9.A. Until    B. Because    C. Though    D. If

10.A. pass    B. kill    C. leave    D. take

11.A. sleep    B. listen    C. move    D. rush

12.A. make a decision    B. stand back    C. have a rest    D. hold on

13.A. understood    B. smiled    C. jumped    D. practiced

14.A. saw    B. encouraged    C. saved    D. praised

15.A. turn    B. arrive    C. change    D. stop

16.A. shocked    B. satisfied    C. disappointed    D. pleased

17.A. say    B. know    C. remember    D. imagine

18.A. shook    B. cheered    C. cried    D. sang

19.A. dream    B. responsibility    C. courage    D. carefulness

20.A. help    B. belief    C. hope    D. confidence


Habits to Make You a Happy Person

Habits remain the same even if everything around us is changing fast. 1. So they are beneficial to our achievements.

However, positive habits are hard to develop. People fail and make mistakes when making changes and trying new things. 2. That's just life and nothing to feel upset about. What you are supposed to do next is trying again, and develop the positive habits gradually. Here are three little habits that can make a big difference in your life.

3. How you take care of yourself will make a difference in the quality of your life. The tiny habits of caring for your body and spirit will give you the energy to achieve your goals-plus increase your well-being.

Don’t forget to forgive others. Forgiving takes you one step closer to your happiness. Make a habit of not holding hatred(仇恨). It does nothing but hurts your own happiness and success. 4. Instead, you will be more likely to get relief and succeed.

Encourage yourself to be curious(好奇的). There is no stage in life when we can’t be learning something valuable. 5.. And as long as you follow your heart and your curiosity, you won't miss out on learning. The habit of being curious means you will always benefit from life.

A. Try to be healthy.

B. Never forget to take notes.

C. Trying things again will bring you happiness.

D. Forgiving yourself doesn't mean you are a loser.

E. As long as you live, there will be something to learn.

F. They will probably not succeed the first time they do it.

G. Good habits can bring us happiness and help us to achieve our goals.


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