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Dublin has the benefit of being a home to unequaled beaches.They can be especially attractive during the summer season.Experience this scenery for yourself and see what these beaches have to offer you.

Finding yourself at Dollymont makes you a fortunate tourist especially if you find beaches irresistible. Here you can swim away your worries through the Dollymont Blue Flag Beach.The beach provides a wonderful view which is perfect for some relaxing moments.Its shoreline is well recommended for a few quiet and unworried walks along the beach.

For some beach adventure, you can drive your way down the M50 and M 1 motorways to Donabate. This village in North County Dublin offers an attractive Blue Flag beach which is perfect for your swimming addictions.Lifeguards are on call during bathing period.The water is as overpowering as the surrounding.

For a double purpose beach, check out Killiney.This beach is a top off destination for a swimming adventure and it is equally grand for relaxing walks. The shoreline is covered with pebbles and rocks.This may seem averred with ordinary stony beach for some but for those who have strong interest in geological processes, Killiney is a best spot to discover part of.Dublin's history and Killiney's formation.

Another accessible Blue Flag Beach lies on Malahide in Fingal.You can enjoy the distinctive attraction of the water while still getting yourself amazed with the wonderful sights around Malahide.Beach is sandy and holds a harbor designed for pleasure boats at the Northern end.

For a bit of challenge and thrill, consider a swim at Seapoint Beach in Dun Laoghaire Rathdown.You can have the pleasure of an exciting surf adventure here apart from the usual swimming activity.This is often visited by tourists due to its various appeals: swimming on the north part of the beach while surfing, boating and jet skiing at the south.

Need to beat the heat off your summer vacation? There is nothing as satisfying as a visit to some of these outstanding beaches.

1.How many beaches are mentioned in this article?

    A.Five             B.Four             C.Three            D.Two

2.If you are visiting Killiney, which of the following activities can't you do?

    A.Having a swimming adventure.        B.Having some relaxing walks.

    C.Discovering some Dublin's history.  D.Practising operating boats for pleasure.

3.Some tourists choose a swim at Seapoint Beach probably because they can _____.

    A.get themselves interested in the sights around

    B.have a wonderful surf on the north of the beach

    C.enjoy several unusual and exciting activities

    D.call the lifeguards during bathing period

4.If you want to be quiet and have same relaxing walks, you may pay a visit to _____.

    A.Dollymont and Donabate               B.Donabate and Malahide

    C.Dollymont and Killiney               D.Killinev and Malahide

5.The best title of this article should be _____.

    A.Where to go swimming in summer                           B.Beating off the heat in Dublin

    C.Benifits of staying at beaches                           D.Geological researches in vacation


Making greener choices and encouraging healthy lifestyles can promote your health and benefit the environment.Here are some guidelines to follow:

Choose foods thoughtfully

Americans have never had such a variety or abundance of food to choose from.Besides so many choices, we now hear about our "food print", the amount of land needed to supply one person's nutritional needs for a year.Do we buy cherry tomatoes from Mexico or tomatoes grown locally in a hothouse? Do.we get the Granny Smiths from the fanners' market or the supermarket? Is organic produce healthier for us and the planet?

These are very complex issues that require analysis of many criteria, including the energy used in producing and transporting the food, as well as the type of soil and methods of raising the food.

Despite the complexities, there are some general guidelines you can follow.For instance, eat less meat or eat low on the food chain.Your doctor may have recommended you to restrict your consume red meat because of its too much fat content.Beyond that, there are environmental reasons, too. Raise food animals contributes substantially to climate change because a meat-based diet requires more land, energy and water than a plant - based one.

Drinking plenty of fluids is significant during hot weather or when exercising.But is bottled water the way to go? You may not think so when seeing the true costs.Based on a survey, manufacturing the 30 - plus billion plastic water bottles can produce more than 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide and use here times the amount of water in the bottle.Adding in transportation, the energy used comes to over 50 million barrels of oil equivalent (等价物).Consequently, skip the bottled water and drink tap water, both at home and at restaurants.Additionally, bottled water is not necessarily cleaner than tap.

1.In Paragraph 2 the author puts forward three questions mainly _____.

    A.to prove Americans have less food to choose from

    B.to show us the shopping habits of most Americans

    C.to indicate Americans tend to buy food from abroad

    D.to remind people to reconsider their food purchase

2.The doctor recommends eating less red meat partly because _____.

    A.it contains too much fat            B.it costs a lot in transportation

    C.it is too low on the food chain                          D.it isn't related to climate change

3.According to the text, which of the following is true?

    A.Americans all prefer to buy cherry tomatoes from Mexico.

    B.The plant - based diet is responsible for the climate change.

    C.Americans have a variety of food to choose from.

    D.Organic produce is the only choice for Americans.

4.Based on the last paragraph, we know that _____.

    A.bottled water is cleaner than tap water

    B.tap water is economical as well as eco - friendly

    C.bottled water is more available than tap water

    D.tap water uses one - third the cost of bottled water

5.What is the best subtitle for the last paragraph?

    A.Skip bottled water, carry tap       B.Drink bottled water

    C.Produce plastic water bottles        D.Save water resources


Two runners stand side by side at the starting line of a race.  36    look very strong and fast.  37  one runner speeds ahead and wins the race.The other __38__.

Some athletes can reach great   39   such as winning an Olympic gold medal.Others never live up to their  40  .What kind of preparation before a race or before other kinds of events makes the   41  ?    

Everyone knows that athletes try to   42   their bodies.But research shows that strengthening the mind may be just as   43  .Careful study indicates that the best athletes win  44   because they think they can win.

Positive thoughts seem to provide the edge for   45   in sports.People who say "I know I can do this" to themselves over and over   46   find that they have the advantage to win.On the other hand, people who think "I can't win" often   47 

One procedure that helps many athletes is creating   48   in their mind.They are told to think of each jump they must make to   49  .Some use pictures that are more fanciful.One skater liked to think about a star bursting inside her,  50   her with energy.Another athlete who wanted to feel   51   pictured himself as a bird floating in the air.

Next time you want to do something well.try training your   52   to help you.Perhaps a teacher or other instructors can   53   you plan your training.If you imagine yourself doing better, you may soon see improvements in   54   you really can do.Positive thinking and pictures   55   in your mind can help you win!

1. A.Neither           B.All              C.Each             D.Both

2.A.But        B.So                       C.Or               D.And.

3.A.falls down         B.leaves behind                        C.leaves alone      D.falls behind

4.A.prizes       B.goals                  C.medals                   D.places

5.A.promise      B.name                   C.level                    D.ability

6.A.progress           B.mistake          C.achievement              D.difference

7.A.determine    B.expand                C.strengthen                D.extend

8.A.possible           B.interesting                          C.difficult          D.important

9.A.partly             B.entirely         C.completely       D.mostly

10.A.failure           B.luck             C.success          D.competition

11.A.often        B.never                 C.hardly                   D.rarely

12.A.fail              B.succeed         C.understand               D.expect

13.A.ideas             B.thoughts        C.wonders          D.pictures

14.A.fail              B.run              C.win              D.go

15.A.giving            B.helping                              C.taking           D.tiring

16.A.encouraged    B.calm           C.excited          D.anxious

17.A.mind         B.body           C.brain           D.imagination

18.A.help        B.advise                 C.allow                    D.persuade

19.A.which             B.that             C.what            D.how

20.A.made              B.hung             C.discovered               D.created


My friend warned me ______ going to the East Coast because it was crowded with tourists.

A.by                  B.against          C.on               D.for


When you are dressed in the latest style, dancing to the most fashionable music after watching the latest film, you feel great,______?

A.aren't you          B.don't you        C.do you           D.are you


—According to my mother, it is a good idea to have some chicken soup when you have a cold.

—_____, scientists agree with her.

A.Sooner or later                          B.Once in a while         

C.Believe it or not                        D.To be exact


I believe he is a great writer.I am now eagerly waiting his new novel to _____.

A.make out            B.turn out         C.come out         D.go out


______ property, we're among the richest people in this city.

A.In search of        B.In spite of      C.In place of              D.In terms of


—Mum, I don't think I am qualified enough to do this.

—Honey, be confident! You should know it is _____ a man thinks of himself        really determines his fate.

A.that; that          B.how; that        C.what; that       D.that; how


The traffic problems we are looking forward to seeing         should have attracted the government's attention.

A.solving              B.solve            C.solved           D.to solve


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