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I was told that the water of the Ganjiang River is much cleaner than ____ of the Xiangjiang River.

    A. those           B. one                C. that            D. ones


She didn’t allow the accident to discourage her. On the contrary, she began to work         .

    A. as twice hard                        B. twice as hard

    C. twice as harder                                    D. harder twice


Thank you for the great effort you _____                  to find us the right person for the job.

   A. had               B. got              C. took              D. made


— You look tired.

— Yes. I ___ non-stop until 8 o’clock this morning.

A. had worked         B. work            C. have worked       D. was working


People are living in ___ world where mouse clicks rule our life, so online searches have become _____ must.

A. the; /                B. /; a                 C. a; a             D. a; the


为了丰富同学们的课外活动,校学生会决定组建自行车俱乐部(Cycling Club)。假如你是学生会主席。请根据以下提示,用英语准备一份口头通知。











Good afternoon, everyone! In order to make our school life more colorful,                       





    Don’t wait. Join us now! Thank you!


[l] Imagine waking up to a world where China is the world's leading superpower, astronauts are busy walking on Mars and a brand new political party is ruling the UK? Well, this could be die reality in 14 years if some of the predictions of 100,000 Britons are correct.

    [2]The survey asked the people of the UK how they pictured the world in 2025.

[3] Nearly half believe Prince William will be crowned King of England instead of Prince Charles although one in six think the monarchy (君主制度) will have been abolished.A quarter of those surveyed believe a new party will form the government in 2025 although the same number of people think that Labor will be back in power.

[4]On the world stage 60 per cent think China is set to become the world's leading superpower, while a third of us think Great Britain will be made up of four self- governed countries.

[5] Meanwhile technology will have come on in leaps and bounds.Four percent are optimistic that there will be a permanent human base on Mars while one in ten expect a colony of humans to be living in space.More than half questioned in the MSN study predict people will watch all their favorite shows via TV sets hooked up to the Internet.Two - thirds believe cosmetic surgery(整容手术) will have become

common place and one in six think we will look after our own health using computers rather than      .

[6]But at least we can amuse ourselves with the daily comings and goings of pop singers and reality stars, as more than half thinks that “celebrity(明星)”will be a registered profession.

1.What is the main idea of the text?(less than 10 words)

2.According to the passage, finish the following sentence, (less than 4 words)

The majority of people questioned in the survey believed that China would play___________in the world in 14 years.

3.Fill in the blank in Paragraph 5 with proper words, (less than 6 words)

4.What did more than 30 percent of the people surveyed think about the UK? (less than 10 words)

5.What does the underlined word in the third paragraph refer to? (less than 8 words)


Britain's most popular lie has been disclosed, with one in four people admitting using "sorry I had no signal" when returning a missed mobile phone call, a survey found.

Researchers found the average Briton tells on average four lies every day or almost 1500 every year. Almost one in six men admitted they were most likely to lie to their wife or girlfriend, on average at least twice a day.The most popular lie was saying you had no mobile phone signal.with one in four people admitting regularly using the little white He.It usually came after they hit the "ignore" button when their mobile rang.

Three quarters of people think women are better Hare.The research found 46 per cent of girls have been caught lying, compared to 58 of men.

The second most common fib(无关紧要的谎言) is “I haven't got any cash on me" when asked for money by tramps (流浪者).beggars and Big Issue sellers."Nothing's wrong - I'm fine" came third followed by "You look lovely" and "Nice to see you".

Modern technology turned out to have contributed to many lies with "I didn't get your text" in 18th."Our server was down" in 20th and "My battery died" in 26th place.

Other lies to make the top ten included "I'll give you a ring", "We're just good friends" and "We'll have to meet up soon"."I'm on my way" and "No, your bum doesn't look big in that" completed the top ten.

Men tell the most fibs, coming out with five every day compared to women who lie just three times. In many cases perhaps it is better to flatter with a fib than destroy someone with the truth, according to a spokesman for OnePoll, which carried out the research of 4.300 adults.

1.Whether the person being called has pushed the "ignore" button or _____.the caller at the other end hears the same tone.

    A.really has no signal                                     B.can't get the text

    C.has a battery failure                                    D.answers the call

2.Most people think women are better liars because _____.

    A.there're more women liars                                B.fewer women liars are found out

    C.women tell less harmful lies                             D.women are harder to convince

3."Our server was down" is perhaps a lie told as an excuse for not _____.

    A.inviting a friend to dinner         B.responding to an e - mail

    C.coming to a party on time            D.cleaning one's room

4."You look lovely" and "I'm on my way" rank _____ on the popular - lie list.

    A.3rd and 8th                          B.5th and 10th            

    C.4th and 9th                          D.5th and 12th

5.The OnePoll spokesman seems to think it's _____ for the British to lie so much.

    A.puzzling         B.disgusting       C.impossible       D.reasonable


Europe's first major university department to promote research into government and public policy will open in Oxford under new plans.

In a hugely significant move, Oxford University will create a new school of government in 2012 following a £75 million donation by Leonard Blavatnik, the American industrialist and philanthropist(慈善家).The school is intended to train outstanding graduates from across the world in the skills and responsibilities of government.The move is being backed by world leaders including Nelson Mandela, Bill Clinton and Kofi Annan.

Andrew Hamilton, Oxford's vice - chancellor, said: "The school represents a huge milestone in Oxford's history.It will give tomorrow leaders the best of Oxford's traditional strengths alongside new and practical ways of understanding and meeting the challenges of good governance.

"The university has educated 26 British Prime Ministers and over 30 other world leaders, yet until how the major international schools of government have all been outside Europe, principally in the United States."

Under plans, the Blavatnik School of Government will provide a series of practical courses leading to a Master's degree.It will cover a range of subjects including the humanities, social sciences, law, science, technology, health, finance, energy and security policy.

Oxford said Mr Blavatnik's donation was one of the most generous in the university' s 900 year history The university itself will be investing an additional £26m in the school, as well as land in the Radcliffe Observatory Quarter, where the school will be located.

Lord Patten, Oxford's chancellor, said: "This is a once - in - a - century opportunity for Oxford through the Blavatnik donation, Oxford will now become the world's leading centre for the training of future leaders in government and public policy - and in ways that take proper account of the very different additions, institutions and cultures that those leaders will serve.It is an important moment for the future good government throughout the world."

1.What is the text mainly about?

    A.Political leaders from Oxford.

    B.Traditions and strengths of Oxford.

    C.Oxford ways to train future leaders.

    D.Oxford school of government under plans.

2.The move is meant to _____.

    A.provide varieties of courses

    B.promote popularity of Oxford

    C.find talented graduates in Europe

    D.educate tomorrow’s political leaders

3.What can students learn in the new school?

    A.Politics and economics.

    B.Philosophy and humanities.

    C.Traditional and practical courses.

    D.Modern science and technology.

4.Which of the following is true of the school?

    A.It is named after Leonard Blavatnik.

    B.It will not provide traditional courses.

    C.It is wholly financed by Leonard Blavatnik.

    D.It is the first international school of government.

5.What can be inferred from the last paragraph?

    A.Public policy is the present focus.

    B.More world leaders will rise from Oxford.

    C.World leaders need to respect each other.

    D.Lord Patten has different opinions of the plan.


Dublin has the benefit of being a home to unequaled beaches.They can be especially attractive during the summer season.Experience this scenery for yourself and see what these beaches have to offer you.

Finding yourself at Dollymont makes you a fortunate tourist especially if you find beaches irresistible. Here you can swim away your worries through the Dollymont Blue Flag Beach.The beach provides a wonderful view which is perfect for some relaxing moments.Its shoreline is well recommended for a few quiet and unworried walks along the beach.

For some beach adventure, you can drive your way down the M50 and M 1 motorways to Donabate. This village in North County Dublin offers an attractive Blue Flag beach which is perfect for your swimming addictions.Lifeguards are on call during bathing period.The water is as overpowering as the surrounding.

For a double purpose beach, check out Killiney.This beach is a top off destination for a swimming adventure and it is equally grand for relaxing walks. The shoreline is covered with pebbles and rocks.This may seem averred with ordinary stony beach for some but for those who have strong interest in geological processes, Killiney is a best spot to discover part of.Dublin's history and Killiney's formation.

Another accessible Blue Flag Beach lies on Malahide in Fingal.You can enjoy the distinctive attraction of the water while still getting yourself amazed with the wonderful sights around Malahide.Beach is sandy and holds a harbor designed for pleasure boats at the Northern end.

For a bit of challenge and thrill, consider a swim at Seapoint Beach in Dun Laoghaire Rathdown.You can have the pleasure of an exciting surf adventure here apart from the usual swimming activity.This is often visited by tourists due to its various appeals: swimming on the north part of the beach while surfing, boating and jet skiing at the south.

Need to beat the heat off your summer vacation? There is nothing as satisfying as a visit to some of these outstanding beaches.

1.How many beaches are mentioned in this article?

    A.Five             B.Four             C.Three            D.Two

2.If you are visiting Killiney, which of the following activities can't you do?

    A.Having a swimming adventure.        B.Having some relaxing walks.

    C.Discovering some Dublin's history.  D.Practising operating boats for pleasure.

3.Some tourists choose a swim at Seapoint Beach probably because they can _____.

    A.get themselves interested in the sights around

    B.have a wonderful surf on the north of the beach

    C.enjoy several unusual and exciting activities

    D.call the lifeguards during bathing period

4.If you want to be quiet and have same relaxing walks, you may pay a visit to _____.

    A.Dollymont and Donabate               B.Donabate and Malahide

    C.Dollymont and Killiney               D.Killinev and Malahide

5.The best title of this article should be _____.

    A.Where to go swimming in summer                           B.Beating off the heat in Dublin

    C.Benifits of staying at beaches                           D.Geological researches in vacation


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