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Jenny feels much more confident about her life after reading about her star sign,Virgo. So she ___ follows the advice that her star sign gives.

One Monday,it said,“Be careful not to answer phone calls this week,___ you could miss a great opportunity(机会).”

“I think I'll be patient enough not to answer the phones for a week,” thought Jenny. Twenty minutes ___,her mobile phone rang.

It was from her company. They were calling to tell her that she was asked to go to the office early that day,___ Jenny did not answer the phone. When she arrived at the office,her boss was very angry with her,but he didn't say anything. He wanted to give her a chance.

However,when the ___ thing happened the next day,Jenny's boss became ___ and told her to go home! During the rest of the week,Jenny still did not ___ any phone calls. She missed more than 20 phone calls on Sunday and felt sad that she even did not speak to anybody to come to her birthday party.

On the following Monday morning,Jenny rushed downstairs to get the newspaper and read her star sign's advice for the new week. After reading an apology(道歉) for last week's ___ in the newspaper,she felt she was very ___.

Virgo's advice should be: “Be careful to answer phone calls this week...” “____” was put in by mistake!

1.A. always    B. sometimes    C. never    D. often

2.A. and    B. but    C. nor    D. or

3.A. late    B. later    C. ago    D. before

4.A. so    B. and    C. but    D. since

5.A. difficult    B. different    C. same    D. quite

6.A. impolite    B. impatient    C. patient    D. polite

7.A. make    B. grew    C. reach    D. answer

8.A. saying    B. trouble    C. news    D. mistake

9.A. clever    B. silly    C. tired    D. happy

10.A. Careful    B. To    C. Not    D. Answer



As a teenagerI am often asked what I am going to be in the futureA lawyer? A doctor? Or a scientist? Nomy ideal career is to be a teacherOne of the____for that is I want to be a teacher like Mr. Chen.

“Look! Do you know what it is? A-hait’s the____! And it will always move around the sun.” Mr. Chen said and pointed to his headHe then touched the nose and____“Can you tell me the name of this mountain? It is the highest mountain on Earth! What’s the____of it? Yesit’s 8844.43 metres…” I’ll never forget my first geography lessonHe was____humorous that we all fell in love with his lessons____It’s Mr. Chen who opened the door of geography for us.

Generally speakingmost of the teachers are strict____students and sometimes a little bit demanding(苛求的), not so with Mr. ChenHe is a lighthouseshowing us the way to the treasure of knowledgeHe is a friend and easy to get____withalways encouraging us to speak out loud without____our shyness and other disadvantagesHe is an examplevolunteering his time to students and other teachers

One day I happened to meet him in the hospitalSeeing the cut on his armI realized he was donating his____I was moved and was____another lessona lesson of love and devotion.

Every time I see my globe(地球仪), it would____me of Mr. ChenHe is the most unforgettable teacher I have____met and he will always beSomeday I hope I am____to be a teacher like him.

Thank youMr. Chenthank you for making learning not a job but a joy.

Thank you for helping me to discover what I do best and to do it even____

Thank you for understanding all of us and giving us the time and care each of us needs.

1.A. replies    B. reasons    C. rewards    D. results

2.A. moon    B. earth    C. star    D. sun

3.A. advised    B. announced    C. added    D. answered

4.A. distance    B. weight    C. size    D. height

5.A. very    B. too    C. really    D. so

6.A. at present    B. at once    C. at times    D. at first

7.A. with    B. to    C. in    D. for

8.A. away    B. together    C. angry    D. along

9.A. thinking    B. caring    C. considering    D. supposing

10.A. money    B. blood    C. clothes    D. time

11.A. taught    B. given    C. taken    D. had

12.A. remembers    B. represents    C. warns    D. reminds

13.A. just    B. never    C. ever    D. yet

14.A. able    B. about    C. allowed    D. available

15.A. well    B. good    C. better    D. best


The best gift I’ve received was from two young boys. At that time, I didn’t have a lot of money or a huge home. As a single mom with three young children of my own, life is so  .

They were boys with dirty faces a bit older than my children, but they always  my yard. I must feed my children who were     thirsty and hungry, so I    a lot of time baking so many healthy muffins(松饼).These two boys almost grew up in our yard, and they were glad to pray with us before they would have a   with my family.

We would also    food, laughter, books and games with them. And a while later, they      . I didn’t know where they had gone and I often wondered what had    in their lives, and meanwhile I hoped for the best.

During one of the darkest times in my personal life, no one came to visit me. I felt really lonely these days. I even wondered    God had forgotten me. On  _, my children  arrived home from school. We were sitting together talking when I heard a   on the door.

I went to answer it, and there stood two clean-faced, tall, smiling boys holding two bundles of beautiful flowers I had ever seen. They said to me “Do you    us? You used to feed us muffins! They were so     . We wanted to come back and thank you and say Happy Mother’s Day    you were really like a    to us!” I was so moved that I couldn’t help crying, and thanked them again and again.

1.A.boring          B.exciting       C.interesting   D.hard

2.A.visited        B.repaired       C.cleaned       D.tidied

3.A.always          B.never         C.seldom       D.hardly

4.A.spared          B.saved        C.spent    D.wasted

5.A.meal           B.rest          C.drink      D.bath

6.A.buy            B.share          C.collect   D.pack

7.A.changed         B.agreed        C.refused     D.disappeared

8.A.happened       B.lost        C.gone     D.changed

9.A.that            B.if          C.why      D.what

10.A.Women’s Day  B.Teachers’ Day C.Christmas Day  D.Mother’s Day

11.A.shock         B.voice       C.noise      D.knock

12.A.need         B.remember   C.influence   D.greet

13.A.bad           B.expensive    C.delicious    D.cheap

14.A.before        B.if     C.though D.because

15.A.teacher       B.mom  C.friend     D.sister


I was once a fat girl . I weighed 336 pounds and looked as big as my fridge. I was never _______ it. But one day I had a medical examination(体检). The ______ told me that I was having heart trouble. It ______me up. I began to feel nervous. Then I decided to do something!

In a year and five months, I _____104 pounds. What a great thing I did ! I didn’t have any expensive food, medical treatment(治疗)or camp-style(训练营式的)exercise. What was the secret to my ______?

First I looked through the Internet for do-it-yourself ______ that people could follow on losing weight. Of course I saw countless ads which try to get me to buy their products. But I bought nothing. The only thing I did was to change my bad ______. The following are what I have done. You can try these. Stop drinking something with too much sugar in it. ______sweet cakes. Eat green vegetables. Use only vegetable oil. Never eat after 6:30 pm. Also, do light exercise for 15 to 20 minutes five days a week.

Then I kept doing what I should do. People sometimes say, “You don’t need to tell me ______ to do. I know it already!” But the fact is that knowing what to do and doing what you know are totally ______ . The important thing is to know what to do and then just keep doing it.。

1.A. excited about    B. worried about    C. proud of    D. happy with

2.A. doctor    B. friend    C. mother    D. teacher

3.A. gave    B. cheered    C. dressed    D. woke

4.A. borrowed    B. lent    C. lost    D. got

5.A. happiness    B. success    C. kindness    D. richness

6.A. advice    B. news    C. food    D. medicine

7.A. grades    B. look    C. wish    D. habits

8.A. Accept    B. Bring    C. Refuse    D. Make

9.A. how    B. what    C. why    D. whether

10.A. easy    B. difficult    C. similar    D. different


完形填空 (共15小题;每小题l分,计15分)

Recently, I felt like I reached a very low point in life. My relationships weren't good, I wasn't __  my classes, and I felt like I had nothing to      .My life seemed to be full of endless homework, tests and loneliness. Nothing anyone said seemed       to me. I wasn't sure what to do about myself. _____ was to be happy again, but I didn't know who or what would      that.

During these days, I had trouble _____. I had to take sleeping pills but still woke up in the midnight. I had no       but to tell my dad. He       the book The Secret.  I immediately bought the e-book online and read the whole thing that night. I'm normally quite a stubborn(固执的) person, _____ the influence on my mood after finishing the book was obvious(明显的). Suddenly, I felt like life was __ again. I had never felt such a deep and quick        in my life before.

In fact, the book's message was very simple—think positively(积极地).The book had many _____stories about how people were able to      money, soul mates(心灵伙伴)and old friends back into their lives. I started learning to thank everything in my life __14them. Little by little, I realized that The Secret could work only       I believed these people's success stories.

Now I'm sure I can bring myself happiness.

1.A. playing  B. doing   C. giving    D. enjoying

2.A. take care of B. come up with C. look down on  D. look forward to

3.A. helpful   B. colourful  C. peaceful    D. powerful

4.A. I wanted all  B. All I wanted  C. I all wanted   D. All of I wanted

5.A. serve  B. offer   C. answer    D. prevent

6.A. sleepy   B. asleep   C. sleep     D. sleeping

7.A. problem  B. idea   C. need    D. doubt

8.A. borrowed  B. collected  C. returned   D. suggested

9.A. and   B. but   C. or    D. so

10.A. pleased  B. common  C. beautiful    D. serious

11.A. breath  B. notice   C. surprising   D. change

12.A. success  B. successful   C. succeed   D. successfully

13.A. attract  B. control   C. imagine   D. mention

14.A. as    B. like   C. likes    D. for

15.A. until     B. When   C. since    D. before


One Sunday afternoonmy younger brother and I were left alone at homeI was doing my homework____my younger brother was watching TVSuddenlythe doorbell rangMy brother thought it was our parents, so he opened the____quickly

A tall man stood outside and asked politely____our parents were at home

____thinkingmy brother answered“No” When I wanted to close the doorhe suddenly____the door very hard and came into our houseHe took out a_____and ordered me to tie up my brother’s____with a rope (绳索)I tied up his hands in a special way so my brother could untie(松开)himself____The man then tied my hands up and locked____of us in the kitchen

Soon, he went upstairsI taught my brother to untie his rope with his handsHe then untied____We rushed to the telephone to call the police, but the line was cut offThe doors were all locked from outsideIt was lucky that the man forgot____the kitchen doorWe got out of the house____the window and went to the____pay phone to call the police

Soon the police came and the man was caughtBy the time, my parents had come homeWe told them the whole storyMy parents were glad that we were not____They told me that I should stop my brother from____the door to the strangerI learned a lesson on safety

1.A. as    B. before    C. while    D. when

2.A. cupboard    B. door    C. doorbell    D. window

3.A. if    B. how    C. when    D. why

4.A. After    B. By    C. Before    D. without

5.A. pushed    B. took    C. knocked    D. closed

6.A. candy    B. gift    C. knife    D. phone

7.A. feet    B. legs    C. hands    D. arms

8.A. difficultly    B. easily    C. hardly    D. suddenly

9.A. all    B. both    C. each    D. neither

10.A. me    B. myself    C. him    D. himself

11.A. locking    B. closing    C. closed    D. to lock

12.A. across    B. under    C. over    D. through

13.A. farther    B. nearest    C. cheapest    D. nicest

14.A. crying    B. hurt    C. frightened    D. lost

15.A. turning on    B. sending    C. opening    D. closing


Yesterday my grandfather told me about his early days._____ he left school, he found a job in a post office. He worked hard in the _____. Soon he had more money than his friends _____ his hard work. It seemed that he would have a bright future.

When he was 25 years old, however, he began to ____his job . He wanted a more exciting one, so he left the post office. Two months ____ he found a new job in a big company. Workers in this company _____ travelled a lot. At first he really enjoyed the travelling. But after a year, he began to hate it. He had to ____ and he was always in a car or on a train. The worst thing was that he _____ make any new friends. Even so, his boss was not satisfied(满意的)with him. Two years later he had to leave the company.

He was______ at that time so he sold his house. He had to ______ a part--time job in a bookshop. He was surprised to find that he loved ______! He made new friends every day and he enjoyed _____ books. Three years later, he married the shop owner 's daughter. Soon they had their first child. In the next ten years, they had another three ________ and four more bookshops! He became very rich indeed.

“Life is wonderful” he _______ me, “The________ important thing is that you should always try your best. Never give up! "

1.A. While    B. When    C. Until    D. if

2.A. factory    B. theatre    C. bank    D. post office

3.A. because    B. because of    C. as    D. since

4.A. dislike    B. .like    C. love    D. be crazy about

5.A. ago    B. before    C. later    D. after

6.A. almost    B. usually    C. seldom    D. never

7.A. stay in one place    B. move around    C. make noise    D. make a wish

8.A. can ' t    B. was able to    C. couldn’t    D. could

9.A. happy    B. energetic    C. rich    D. poor

10.A. accept    B. reduce    C. lose    D. return

11.A. it    B. them    C. him    D. none

12.A. to read    B. reading    C. read    D. reads

13.A. sisters    B. brothers    C. children    D. cousins

14.A. said    B. spoke    C. told    D. talked

15.A. best    B. much    C. more    D. most




"Look, it's Baldy!" A boy shouted in my direction across the playground.     I was used to it because of the scars(伤疤 )on my       , it was still horrible to hear. I sighed (叹气) as I headed back to the class.

When I was just 20 months old, I suffered serious       after a bowl full of hot oil fell on my head. I was sent to hospital and had to stay there for weeks while the doctors     to save my life. "Holly's very       to be alive," they told Mum and Dad. "But she'll be left with scars on her head, and of course her hair won't grow there."

As a child, I cared much about my scars, so I      wore a scarf to cover them up when I left home .If I didn't, people would call me horrible names like Baldy. Although my friends were always comforting me , they never        understood how it felt.

Then through the hospital I was        to a children's burns camp, where children like me can get any help. There, I       14-year-old Stephanie, whose burns are a lot more serious than mine. But she is so      that she never lets anyone put her down. "You shouldn't       what people say about what you look like because we're not different from anyone else, Holly," she         me, "And you don't need to wear a scarf because you look great       it!" For the first time in my life I could speak to someone who'd been through something       . So weeks later, at my 13th birthday party, encouraged by her bravery, I gave up my scarf and showed off my scars. It felt amazing not having to hide away behind my scarf.

Now, I am         of what I look like and much happier, because I have realized it is your personality that decides who you truly are.

1.A. As           B. When           C. Although          D. While

2.A. head         B. ear             C. face              D. back

3.A. hunger        B. cold            C. loss              D. burns

4.A. learned       B. tried           C. returned         D. decided

5.A. happy        B. lucky           C. lonely           D. poor

6.A. never         B. usually         C. seldom           D. hardly

7.A. correctly     B. nicely          C. easily            D. really

8.A. promised      B. introduced      C. reported          D. carried

9.A. met          B. organized       C. remembered       D. caught

10.A. honest       B. strong          C. active            D. young

11.A. write down   B. agree with     C. pass on           D. listen to

12.A. promised     B. encouraged      C. ordered          D. calmed

13.A. in           B. for             C. without          D. beyond

14.A. similar      B. strange         C. hard             D. important

15.A. sick         B. sorry           C. tired             D. proud


完形填空 先通读下面的短文,掌握其大意,然后从下面四个答案中选择可以填入相应空白处的最佳选项。

It began a year ago, around Christmas. Every time I drove down our street, I noticed an old man sitting in his front yard. He was usually smoking or drinking, and looking rather unhappy.

One day, while I was driving past him with my       , I decided to wave at him with a lot of excitement.      , when he noticed me waving at him, he looked a bit surprised. Then, I saw his hand go up and he waved back.

      did you wave at him?” my daughter asked.

I told her it’s just an act of kindness that doesn’t       anything. It gives both him and me a feeling of joy. My daughter replied that she felt a bit uncomfortable to wave to a stranger, but next time she would try it as well.

We lived close to the old man,       we saw him rather often. Whenever we drove by, both of us would start waving at him and, pretty soon, the old man started       at everyone who passed by his house.

One time, my daughter’s friend came to visit and she told my daughter that she saw this strange old man near our home wave at her very       . She mentioned that she waved back, although she didn’t know him, and it felt really good.

As soon as my daughter heard this, she told her friend the      of how all the waving began. Her friend answered, “Tell your mom that’s really cool!”

Other friends gave similar       . This taught my daughter that an act of kindness can be natural and       , if you really want to do it. It showed us how giving happiness can do good to both the giver and the receiver.

1.A. husband  B. son      C. daughter     D. friend

2.A. Just now  B. On time  C. In the end   D. At the beginning

3.A. Why      B. How       C. When         D. Where

4.A. buy      B. cost      C. hide        D. guess

5.A. or       B. but       C.so           D. yet

6.A. shouting  B. waving    C. laughing     D. looking

7.A. angrily   B. excitedly C. loudly      D. carefully

8.A. lesson    B. accident  C. news        D. story

9.A. gifts     B. notes     C. thoughts    D. books

10.A. easy    B. funny     C. unusual     D. special



1.Tom used to play soccer very well.(改为一般疑问句)

________Tom ________to play soccer very well?

2.This party is so great an idea.(同义句转换)

This party is ________ ________ ________idea.

3.You used to be tall,didn't you? (作肯定回答)


4.The old lady no longer lived there.(同义句转换)

The old lady________live there________ ________.

5.Mary used to help_Mom_do_the_housework.(对画线部分提问)

What________Mary ________to do?


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